Winter digs in; 29 December 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Roy Murray, all rights reserved.

Humber River footbridge with an abutment of the old suspension footbridge bridge visible on the far left.

Another snowfall today and the view towards Raymore Park is very ‘picture postcard’ seasonal. This shot is taken during snow from Lions Park on the other side of the footbridge. This crossing over the Humber, installed in 1995 replaced the suspension footbridge that was swept away during Hurricane Hazel in 1954. The old footbridge was actually blamed for many of the deaths during the hurricane as it formed a dam and directed the flow of water towards housing on lower sections of Raymore and Glenhaven Drives. Interestingly, the abutments of what is probably the old bridge are close by the footbridge and still visible.

One abutment is on the Weston side and the other is currently hidden under the driftwood on the right bank in the second photograph.

The river flows quite quickly under the bridge and will take a few more days of these temperatures before freezing over. Downstream, around the bend, the river is already covered with ice.

Driftwood covers the abutment; centre right of the picture.

Looking downstream from the bridge.


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