Dog owners

My dog.

My dog, Mugsey

I’m a dog owner and I try to be responsible. The park is a wonderful resource for dog owners and many of us use Raymore Park quite a lot (hence my daily photographs). Some are very responsible while others are a pain allowing their little (or not so little) precious to run amok, chasing wildlife and bothering people or attacking dogs on leash. Then there is the delicate matter of dog poo. You know that when someone brings more than one dog to the park and then lets them off leash, there will be no poo pick up. Not that this is necessarily a problem. Poo is part of nature and it acts as a fertilizer if the dog is healthy and the poo has been carefully placed in the right location. When it’s allowed to drop and fester on park pathways, or left where people are in danger of stepping in it, that’s just wrong, not to mention anti-social. There’s another pet peeve while I’m in rant mode. Some mental midget diligently picks up their (large) dog’s droppings, placing it in white plastic bags. These bags are then carelessly left lying around thus preventing the contents from returning to nature, and littering at the same time. What a douche!

I’d love to catch them doing this! Just once!


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