Hawk checks out Mugsey

2013 01 16

Our dog Mugsey weighs about 80lbs. He was being sized up today by (what I believe is) a red-tailed hawk which followed us down the park trail this morning.

I spy some food.

I spy some food.

The hawk made several low passes over Mugsey before deciding that he was a little too heavy for an in-flight snack. I was lucky enough to photograph the last of the food survey missions as it then sailed off to the south, looking no doubt for lighter fare. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. This little Sony RX100 is small enough to carry in a pocket yet has a large enough sensor to produce some outstanding images.

Wishful thinking...

Wishful thinking…Mugsey plods on, blissfully unaware.

The light in the park today revealed some textures that were quite interesting – these old branches looked quite artistically placed and have attractive markings.

Nice patterning on the branches.

Nice patterning on the branches.

There is a clump of trees by the Humber in the ‘wild area’ that I like to photograph – in the mornings the sun is in the south behind the trees and in winter reflects off the river which makes for strong backlighting with tons of contrast and tests the latitude of any camera. This corner of the park seem to look great in any season.

Notice the scars from river ice (several years ago).

Notice the scars from river ice (several years ago).

Comparison with mid-May 2010 from a similar angle.

Spring in all its glory.

Spring in all its glory – won’t be long now.


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