A magical day and the MNR.

Today was the calm before the storm and it was perfect with little wind and a bright warm sun.

Snow on log and lichen.

Snow on log and lichen.

By the weir, a couple of fishermen were preparing to catch something – I’m sure they were too close to the weir and probably gaining an unfair advantage thanks to the ice enclosing the river at that point. Personally, I don’t see the attraction of eating fish that will have spent several years gathering Great Lakes pollutants from lower down in the food chain.

Do people really like fish this much?

The unspeakable in search of the inedible (apologies to Oscar Wilde).

There is a hotline to call if wildlife regulations are being broken. I looked at the Ministry of Natural Resources site to attempt to find out if people can fish this close to the weir but navigating the site to find that information requires more tenacity than I possess.

Hello, Sault Sainte Marie!

Hello, Sault Sainte Marie!

A fellow dog walker tells me that on one occasion he phoned the line to report people who were helping themselves to large quantities of wood (after they had arrived in the park by leaving Scarlett Road by the Ukrainian War Memorial and driving about 1km along the bike path ). He was trying to describe the location to the MNR employee but she was totally unfamiliar with the area as she was in Sault Sainte Marie! My friend used his phone to photograph them and their truck and that seemed to deter them from further plunder.

One time I saw a well-heeled matron and her daughter carrying armfuls of tall grasses, bulrushes and wildflowers from the park up to their SUV. I challenged the lady and she indignantly retorted that she had the right to do this as it was a public place and she ‘paid taxes’! Great example for the daughter who was no doubt mortified by the mother’s actions. I haven’t seen them since so hopefully I shamed them into obtaining their next nature displays from legitimate sources.


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