D’oh! Missed it.

Every year it’s the same old whine – “I wish I could be there when the ice breaks up on the river”. Well, I could have been there and I wasn’t. While I was home, the rest of the ice decided to move off without anyone to witness it. I took some shots today while a streamer from Lake Huron was busy dumping a surprising amount of snow onto the park.

Some comparisons are in order to show the changes:


January 29, 2013


January 31, 2013 the grass has been demolished by ice moving ashore.


January 29, 2013; track through the wild area. Houses once occupied land to the right of this photograph.


January 31, 2013; track is buried.

Until 1954 and the Hurricane Hazel disaster, more than a few homes were quite near this location  by the Humber. I wonder how regular incursions of ice affected them and their properties. Residents at the time must have had some pretty close calls.This is a fairly average depth of ice to float ashore but the extent of it is quite surprising – further along, the ice actually covers the bike path.

Hard to tell but ice covers the bike path.

Hard to see where it is but ice now covers the bike path.


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