Now is the winter of our discontent.

There comes a time in winter when the sheer length of it starts to become a burden. Day after day of cold weather is an unrelenting nightmare for some.

There is a bench in the park that was placed there in 2002 because of a bequest from the family of James Hyland who had enjoyed walking in Raymore Park. It is a quiet place to sit and reflect; a nice focal point and the location can be very photogenic at certain times of year.


This is the second version of the bench. The original one was of wood; this one is of composite materials.

The bench as it looked today.

The bench as it looked today.

Looking at some older shots of the bench I was reminded of the difference in vibrancy and colour that the growing season brings.

The bench in springtime (April 2012).

A couple of old boys share the bench on a cold day last spring (April 2012).

The bench in October 2011.

The bench in October 2011 (complete with blown highlights).

We are expecting a major winter storm over the next couple of days. Perhaps a good dumping of snow followed by sunshine will make the place look a bit less depressing – we can only hope.


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