Tracks and textures

After a couple of days absence from the park it was good to be back outside again. The last couple of days were bone chilling with wind chill readings below -20°. Mugsey and I had to make do with the treadmill.

The sun feels so much stronger now – the U.V. index for today was 3 and you can pretty well double that when walking in snow. The temperature however ensures that only the ‘bare’ minimum of flesh is exposed.

A fresh fall of snow allows a clean slate for tracks in the snow – these look to be from a mouse or other tiny creature.

One tiny animal with tail leaves tracks by some burdock and dog strangling vine

A tiny animal with a tail comes and goes through some burdock and dog strangling vine.

As with a large number of trees, many of the plants in the park are also foreign invaders. Dog strangling vine is one of these and unlike invasive species that are quite attractive such as purple loosestrife or phragmites (a tall feathery grass), DSV is as attractive as its name. More about invaders another time.


In the background, downed trees have been stacked by floodwaters to form a natural fence along the riverbank.

Old and new together.

Old and new together.


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