Wildflower of the day: Broadleaf Toothwort.

Cardamine diphylla; Broadleaf Toothwart

Cardamine diphylla; Broadleaf Toothwart

This native wildflower is found over a huge area of North American woodlands from Georgia to Ontario and from the east coast to Wisconsin. Wort is used to denote an edible plant and/or one with medicinal properties while the tooth part of the name refers to toothlike formations on the roots. It produces white, lightly pink or purple flowers in spring. A member of the mustard family, it was and still is used as a food as well as a medicine by many native tribes. Garlic mustard is a major threat to the broadleaf toothwort.

A patch of Broadleaf toothwort threatened by garlic mustard.

A patch of broadleaf toothwort surrounded by garlic mustard.


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