Signs of Fall: tree planting

In the last 20 years, thanks to old age and disease, there has been a steady reduction in the number of mature trees in Raymore Park. Quite a number of these trees are invasive non-natives such as Siberian elm and Norway maple. While many hundreds of native saplings have been mass planted in the wild areas, no mature boulevard trees have been planted to line the pathway.

On Monday September 23rd, 43 trees were planted along the entrance and pathway as far down as the weir. This will make a big difference in years to come as the path is quite exposed in both winter and summer. I only have one slight quibble with the choice of trees; quite a number are black walnut and the park has no shortage of those already. There are quite a few water-loving weeping willows where the path comes near the river and some maples too.

A couple of Toronto Forestry workers were inspecting the trees yesterday and they told me that for the most part the trees were planted to the correct specifications by the contractor. A few have been planted too high and will need to  be adjusted and some look a little straggly, but for the most part it has been a successful planting.

This is the perfect time of year to plant trees as the ground is still warm and autumn rains will ensure lots of moisture for roots to grow.

Count 'em - it's 43!

Count ’em – 43 new trees!


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