It’s that time…

Let it snow.

Let it snow.

For the past few years, Raymore Park has closed its gate at the beginning of November and it stays that way until the end of March. This is because snow can occur at any time between these dates and many people are unable to drive back up a steep snowy hill to exit the park. This cuts down on quite a large number of visitors as the effort to park on Tilden Crescent and walk down to the park seems to deter most people.

Light still is creating fascinating scenes in the woods. Here’s an attempt to capture what the eye sees using an HDR shot based on two images, one capturing highlights, the other, shadows then merged in Photoshop.



One thought on “It’s that time…

  1. Jill

    So pretty. Literally the calm before the storms. I guess I’ll park on the Weston side and walk over the bridge to the park now. 😉



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