Ice Storm threatens trees

The view from the safety of a neighbour's back yard.

The view from the safety of a neighbour’s back yard.

While we’ve rounded the corner in terms of daylight hours, a severe ice storm has dumped a thick layer of ice on the park. Many trees are leaning and severely stressed with the extra burden. To complicate matters, moderate winds are forecast and there seems to be no possibility of a thaw in the next few days. Sorry about the lack of photos but the park is an ice sheet.

In the meantime, best wishes to all for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.


3 thoughts on “Ice Storm threatens trees

  1. Jill

    I was wondering how it was there. Our neighbourhood has really suffered – it looks so pretty until you see all the broken branches and felled trees.

    Thanks for all your Raymore Park updates this year and I look forward to next years’ pics and postings. Happy Holidays!


  2. murraycr Post author

    Thanks Jill – I have added a photo but the park’s pretty much a no-go area until either I get better footwear or a thaw arrives!


  3. GUEST

    The native species of trees seem to able to handle it (as well as non-native conifers). When the freezing rain occured most of the Norway Maples ( a non-native, introduced and invasive species) I came across everywhere were severely damaged.



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