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Dog Zone almost ready. Nothing changes.

The new leash free zone is almost complete with a glaring exception and a puzzling oversight.

The zone looks a bit like a small horse paddock. They’re at the post…

There is no signage or anywhere to put the poop bags / cigarettes butts and coffee cups that the zone will generate. There is also some work left to ensure the fencing is well attached. Still, for a Toronto project it has been constructed relatively quickly, especially considering that two other major projects have been happening in the vicinity.

Benches are provided for owners to watch their dogs.

One major design flaw seems to be with the small dog enclosure.

An ‘airlock’ that ensures dogs don’t escape when one gate is opened.

There are two double-gated ‘airlocks’ that ensure safe entry of new dogs without allowing an unleashed dog to suddenly dart out into the park. So far so good. Unfortunately both gates lead into the large dog section.

I would have made one entrance for the large dog enclosure and a separate one for smaller dogs; but then, I’m not an expert.

The northern ‘airlock’. Note the small dog entrance some distance away accessible only from the large dog enclosure.

The long walk through the large dog section to access the small dog zone.

Unless something changes, it looks as if small dog owners will be forced to run the gauntlet through the large dog enclosure.

Some fencing still needs to be attached to the posts.

As I was taking photographs, an elderly gentleman walked by with his Jack Russell off leash, ignoring the zone. That might be a problem with this particular zone – it’s just so much nicer in the rest of the park.

Only time will tell if people will actually make use of the zone and follow the rules once they’re posted. There certainly seems to be no difference in the behaviour of many people who still come and go with their dogs off leash.


Winter wonderland

There’s nothing like a good old dumping of snow to hide imperfections; especially when the next day is sunny and calm. We had close to 30cm (a foot in old speak). Let’s get started with the bench – the ‘before‘ was drab and dismal compared to views from other times of year. Today, it’s a postcard.

The bench has had a makeover courtesy of the snow.

Notice the lines in the snow caused by strong winds overnight.

The bridge has many flattering angles. Photograph it from one side and you’d swear it was miles from anywhere. Here’s the other side set against condos in Weston. I like that the bridge and its shadow seem to form a loop over the Humber.

Nature and the hand of humankind working together.

Nature and the works of humanity together.

Next is a couple combining trees and snow – one of my favourite combos – especially on a sunny day and when the snow is fresh and deep as it is today.

A downed tree.

Fallen trees litter the woods.

A large log is hugged by a coat of snow.

A large log looks as if it’s being hugged by a coat of snow.

Lastly, I was able to clamber down to the Humber Creek in my snowshoes. The view did not disappoint.

Looking up Humber Creek towards Scarlett Road.

Looking up Humber Creek towards Scarlett Road.

Now is the winter of our discontent.

There comes a time in winter when the sheer length of it starts to become a burden. Day after day of cold weather is an unrelenting nightmare for some.

There is a bench in the park that was placed there in 2002 because of a bequest from the family of James Hyland who had enjoyed walking in Raymore Park. It is a quiet place to sit and reflect; a nice focal point and the location can be very photogenic at certain times of year.


This is the second version of the bench. The original one was of wood; this one is of composite materials.

The bench as it looked today.

The bench as it looked today.

Looking at some older shots of the bench I was reminded of the difference in vibrancy and colour that the growing season brings.

The bench in springtime (April 2012).

A couple of old boys share the bench on a cold day last spring (April 2012).

The bench in October 2011.

The bench in October 2011 (complete with blown highlights).

We are expecting a major winter storm over the next couple of days. Perhaps a good dumping of snow followed by sunshine will make the place look a bit less depressing – we can only hope.