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Clean up day removes trash

I lent a hand to the clean-up of our adjacent green space to the north; Lions Park. I met with Weston Clean Team organizer Ryan Emerson Demchuk along with fellow volunteers Joanne and Bob and we moved along the Humber picking up trash as we went. No pictures to show today but lots of litter was removed. The good news is that much of the trash (that I picked up) was quite old; some pop cans had been there for a long time. The predominant trash seems to be water bottles (the triumph of marketing over need), coffee lids, straws, plastic bags and of course pop cans. Some interesting litter included dozens of dog poop bags at the entrance to the Hickory Tree apartments. Some resident (with a small dog) takes the trouble to gather up their dog’s poop but slings the bag into the bush before leaving the park. Aren’t people wonderful?

I left early but my fellow pickers were hard at it when I left.

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One last thing; a large twin-hulled canoe with about six people on board sailed majestically past as we worked the banks of the Humber. It was nice to see some rare boat traffic on the river.